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The past year has been a season of staying indoors. Due to the pandemic, everyone has been forced to stay at home as much as possible to avoid the spread of the virus. Employees now work from their living rooms and students attend classes in their bedrooms. With everyone in the family being home day after day, things can be chaotic, cramped, and even a bit untidy, and it doesn’t help that it’s hard to go out to release all that stress.

Instead of always scrolling through your phone, why not use this time to do a house cleanup? Dedicate…

Almost everyone who has a PC or a computer has Word Processing software installed and according to Andrew Prestage, author of Encyclopedia in Information Systems:

“Of all the computer applications in use, word processing is by far the most common.”

A Word Processor is a program that allows you to create and manipulate documents such as letters, resumes, articles, etc., making it very important for school, work, and business. Words, numbers, or paragraphs are typically added through typing. Features such as copying, deleting, changing the font, and even placing images are available. …

Our home is where we live, breathe, and rest, it is supposedly where we can stretch our backs and be our most comfortable selves. But if your house is cluttered and messy, with old boxes and papers lying around, small trinkets scattered inside unsuspecting drawers, and a pile of clothes that don’t seem to go away, it can be hard to feel at ease.

Photo from Unsplash @srosinger3997

If you have this issue with your own home, then let’s face it: A messy house is a messy life. This is why setting aside time to organize and declutter is a…


All about SaaS and how the subscription era has been easing out personal, professional and business lifestyles across the globe.

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